Monday, March 12, 2007

Listen to the Rough cut

The Start of recording on Saturday went well, I managed to Get down 7 rough cuts of our songs - but it is definitely looking good so far.
Barry was really helpful as I just ran through as many songs as I could on the day and now at least we have a platform to do our proper recordings on.
That evening a myself and Jeremy went with our family and friends to the music evening they have at the Forgotten Falls, we were asked if we would do a couple songs after the last band had played, so naturally we obliged and really enjoyed it.
I’ve added a link to the blog that leads to our Myspace, where I’ve uploaded a rough cut of one of the songs I recorded this weekend - this will just give you a basic Idea of what the final recording will sound like, as we will go in and complete the polished version with the rest of the band backing us. Click on the Link named "Zephyr Songs" at a later stage I will add our finished recordings there as well.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Birth of an Album?

So it seems some forward progress has been made on our avowed recording, let me say this in our defence though - unfortunately we’re all busy at work or studying, Jeremy’s In his third year studying Industrial phsycology, Colin’'s running his business - and I’m being kept busy at work as well.We decided the best way to go about it was for me to go in and record the songs we’re wanting to do, each of us carrying a copy around with us, which gives us the chance to get the recorded song into our heads. Then we’ll all go in and put the proper recording down together - so that’s what I’'m doing this weekend. Heading Into Barry Meintjies (hope I spelt that right Barry) recording studio in ‘Maritzburg. I’m looking forward to it and it’ll be nice to finally put some of our songs downSo watch out for it, Zephyr’'92s going to have some recorded music available soon.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Ragfest Concert

Once again, we’ve been asked to play at the Pietermaritzburg ‘Varsity "Ragfest", I’m not sure who else will be performing, last year we opened up for the Parlotones, which was pretty cool.
It’s being held on the 30th of March at the ‘Varsity Rugby fields, I’ll add more details when I know them.
The bands pretty phsyced about it and this year in general, we’ve got some really great new tunes and some awesome gig’s lined up, so catch us on the road.