Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What a venue, what a crowd, what music and what a day, Sunday’s Hillside concert was brilliant, I definitely think it’s up there with one of our favorite gigs to date. Due to time constraints and the amount of bands, The four local bands (us included) only had a half hour time slot which included our set up time.

We did manage to get through the 5 songs we’d chosen to do though, the onstage sound was great, I think it’s the first time in a while, the whole band had absolutely no complaints about something being to low or too loud. I must just let you know this isn’t the easiest thing to achieve, what the Audience is hearing in front of the stage isn’t always what we’re hearing on it, and that makes a big difference to our performance, because if we can’t really hear what we’re sounding like, we don’t know if we’re playing it right or not.

The bands of the day were great, the Ryan Calder band kicked the afternoon off to an awesome start with some great songs, and really set the tone for the afternoon, they were followed by us, then Ilan lux, The Hairy Legged lentil Eaters, Magna Carter and then Southern Gypsey Queen ended off the wonderful afternoon.

The Substantial crowd which turned out to support the concert were great, and by the looks and sound of it had a good time of it all, seated up the hill which acted as a Natural amphitheatre everyone could get a view of the stage and we could get a look at everyone.

It is a beautiful venue, and I think I speak for most the musicians and audience when I say I hope it becomes an annual event.

Peace and love to you all.


Monday, July 21, 2008

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Latest News and Gigs


It’s been a while – been pretty busy at work, and outside of work so not much chance to post anything. Well the bands got a busy couple weeks ahead of them with a gig this Saturday and then two next weekend to fit into our bustling lifestyle.

The sad news is that our long time friend and Drummer Colin Arbuckle will be leaving us for greener pastures in October, him and his family have decided to move to Spain, but fear not this is not the end of Zephyr, myself and my brother (Jeremy) have decided we will continue on, and even now are in the process of looking for a New Drummer. Though we’ll probably also be doing a lot of stuff with just the two of us.
What all of this does mean though is that you’ve got to catch as many as our gigs between now and September, so you can see the Lively mister Arbuckle doing his thing behind his drums, and sometimes infront (depends what mood he's in). Each performance is and will be special, and it’s not likely you going to be seeing the same show twice, we’re going to squeeze every last minute we have of playing with him.

Next weekend we’ll be playing a fundraising event for our lovely band manager who’s raising funds for a research trip she’s been accepted onto to Madagascar, where she’ll be doing research on our furry friends the Lemurs. The Following day we’ll be playing the big one at the Botanical Gardens with the Likes of Magna Carter and Southern Gypsy Queens, Hairy legged lentil eaters Ilan and Ryan Calder. More on those gigs Later.

That brings us to this Saturday, we don’t often get the chance to play in Durban, so we thought we’d rectify that. The People at the Dock Yard theatre have opened their doors to the likes of musicians like us to do a performance after their show. So it’s a late night dinner theatre type thing. From 11pm this Saturday (12th July) catch us at The Dockyard Theatre in Musgrave for a great evening of musical entertainment.

Hope to see you there.

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