Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Latest in News and Gigs

It’s been an age since I’ve added any updates – mostly because I’ve been hectically busy at work (I still am) – and ‘cause we’ve been pretty quite lately.
So what was the last update?... Oh yeah art in the park, so since then myself and Colin did two gig’s a couple Saturday’s ago, just the two of us – one at the opening of Marshal Music at Cascades centre in PMB the other at a charity gig held at Cliffies, both were mostly just acoustic sets, being just the beatman and myself. Another reason for this was Jeremy had decided to take some time off, which myself and Colin are pleased he has decided to come back from, some songs just don’t sound the same without his bass and backing vocals.

We’ve also had a couple practices with a new guy Gareth, who also plays guitar; we’re in the process of assimilating him to our sound and songs – so far sounding pretty good, but as I say it’s still in process at the moment.

We’ve got an upcoming Gig down in Margate on Thursday, so we’re keen to see what the crowds are like down on the South Coast, and a couple really cool Ideas banging around in our heads, but we can’t reveal any of that just yet… so stay tuned, and hopefully we’ll see you all out there somewhere soon.
Peace & Light