Tuesday, July 11, 2006

More Pic's

Photo shoot.

Hey All, I know it's been a while since I've added, but I haven't had access to the web . Aswell as our recent inactivity as far as gig's go. Not to worry we shall shortly be rectifying this, though first a couple of us will be on holiday with our families.
We haven't been completely quiet we've been practicing hard and putting into place our plans for our recording. Recently we went down to Durban to speak to Dave Birch of Island Studios, and it was on the way back that Andrea (Colin's wife) decided the light was perfect for a photo shoot. Besides embarassing the band she managed to get some really cool shot's of us and some goofy ones. So I thought I'd put a couple up that you can laugh at or whatever.
Just in case you've never met or seen the band, I might as well do a bit of an introduction. Jeremy's the one with the crazy eyes on the right of the second Picture (bass and vocals), Colin's the Dark haired smooth looking drummer in the middle, and the other messed up one in the glasses is me Liam (guitar and vocals)
life's a song and you're the melody.
Spread love and peace.