Thursday, September 14, 2006

Southern Cross

This Southern cross will be a 1 year anniversary for the band, it was at last years festival that Jeremy picked up the Bass, and Colin officially joined Zephyr. Of course then we also had Chris playing with us, but alas he had to much on his plate to continue. We have progressed alot this year and we've been relly enjoying ourselves and had some brilliant gig's. It hasn't been easy fitting in our practices with our normal lives and in the near future we're planning on putting more practices in if we can, you only get out what you put in.
I digress back to the Festival, If you go to You can see the line up and some of the pictures from prevoius years. It is really a great festival, very relaxed and scenic and this year like every other has a great music line up. We'll be playing on the Friday Night at 7pm and probably doing a couple accoustic songs on Saturday as a filler, so if you're gonna be there watch out for us.
Peace and Love all


Monday, September 11, 2006

A Hard fought Battle

It's called battle of the bands and a battle it was, everyband on the night gave thier all and more, the Victors in the end were "WHite Chapel" and though close it was a deserved victory for them Their strongest points were thier Technicality and stage precence. I would definitley say we had the edge in originality and Versatility as most the bands we were up against were all pretty much the same Genre, an dplayed very similar sounding songs. All in all we really enjoyed ourselves and had a great gig, the Crowd really got behind us and that makes all the difference in the world, so thank you all so much.
Even though we didn't get to take the title home of top KZN band on the night we had some really Good Critics from the Judges, Both of them really liking the direction the band has been taking. Encouraging us to work on certain aspects to make us all the better for the future - at the end of the day stuff like this can only help us. I've linked this entry to where there are pictures of the evening, including the one above, which was taken not long after we'd come off stage, unfortunately there weren't many Pic's of the bands in action.
Peace & Love

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Time and date

Right so I've recently learnt the time that the battle kicks off, This Saturday at 8pm is when the first note will be struck. I have no Idea of the line up, or when each band will play, all of this will be decided on the night. I do know that there are ten bands playing on the night and only one will go through to the finals.
Keep well all

Friday, September 01, 2006

Ready to do battle!

The hour is almost upon us when we must face our fears and stride forth, to an uncertain future, where we'll tread uncertain ground and hope to be left standing at the end of the evening... yes a little dramatic, but The National battle of the bands is apon us and the KZN leg is a one night ten band affair held right here in PMB. On Saturday the 9th of September "The Red Door" in PMB will play host to a score of bands from around our fair province and among them will be Zephyr. After speaking to Colin and Jeremy we decideded top enter - 'cause at the end of it at the least it should be good exposure.
So we blood ourselves to the competitive area of this industry, to stand up and take whatever may be thrown at us abuse or applause, even if we end up limping home we'll be able to hold our heads high and say we did battle, and battle our hearts out we did. (I sound Like Yoda - "mmm teach you I will.. yeeas mmm").
If we manage to be the one KZN band that does go through, we'll end up going to Gauteng, and exposing ourself to a whole new audience ("expose" is probably not the best word to use, it mighht give you the wrong impression of what we do). So we are exited and are currently working really hard on the songs we're going to be playing. So if anyone reading this is In 'Maritzburg on the night, come along, we'd appreciate the support.
Keep Well All