Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Art in The park

Wrapped up warm in winter woolies - the crunch of leaves underfoot - the rusty smell of autumn and beautiful art, perhaps accompanied with a glass of mulled wine as you peruse all the beauty all around you - what more could you want, some pleasant music in the background perhaps?

The Annual "Art in the Park" in Alexander park in 'Maritzburg is almost upon us, it's the weekend of the 1st June, and myself and Colin (Jeremy will be in the middle of exams) are going to be playing there from 12 - 2pm on Saturday the second and 2 -4pm the following day.

So come along and enjoy the wonders of autumn in the park, search for some artwork for your homes, and enjoy some pleasant background music.
It's been a while since we've done something like this (myself and Colin played there a good few years ago) - we'll be doing few covers and some of our mellow originals between the two days.
Come on down and say hi.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Rocking on Saturday

Once again it was a great pleasure to play alongside Dan Patlanski, the guy really is amazing on guitar.

We really enjoyed the set and the crowd was great, so thanks a lot to those of you that were there, you guys made it. I’m sure Charlene appreciated it to.
I was really chuffed that a bunch of my friends from Durban made it up, thanks guys I had an awesome eve. We ended up getting home pretty late, so Sunday was a really lazy day, but I had the memories of the night before to get me through it.

We haven’t got much lined up for the next month, but we’ll be taking the time to work on some new songs and dust out some old ones, I really enjoy getting as much new or new-old stuff into our line up, because we don’t feel like we’re playing the same stuff and those of you who support us regularly don’t have to listen to the same songs again.
Rumor has it my brother Jeremy (the bassist) has a song he’s been writing in the pipeline and myself and Colin are eager to get our grubby little fingers on it and get him up there singing one of his songs, so watch out for it.

Peace and Love All

Picture Courtesy of Andrea Arbuckle

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A great Night

Yesterday Afternoon saw me escaping from the office at 1:30, picking up my brother and Colin on the way home, where we hitched our trailer packed with our equipment and bags and hit the Road to Newcastle.

None of us knew what to expect but we new we wanted to rock and we we’re exited at playing somewhere a lot further a field from our base.

Let’s just say it was an evening beyond our expectations, the crowd was awesome, those Newcastlers area a friendly bunch and they know how to give it stick.
There were a couple of really talented local groups that played before us, and Then Eryn Fourie from PMB set the stage for us, from the first song the crowd gave us a welcome reception that put us on a high to carry us through the night, we invited Angus up non stage to join us for the last couple of songs that ended up being four with the encores.
It was definitely one of my Favorite gig’s to date and the Newcastle crowd has got to be thanked for that - you guys Rock!

This morning we left the hospitality of Angus’s’ house and set out on the long journey home, it was early and we’d only had about 4 hours sleep, but there was a satisfied silence in the car we’d played and had fun and so it seems did the crowd.
As I took in the beautiful scenery in the morning sunshine as I steered us homeward I reflected to my fellow musicians that if we were able I would quite happily do this everyday, go on a long Road trip/Tour of the country... perhaps one day soon.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Saturday Night

Saturday night sees us playing with Dan Patlansky at The Red Door in PMB, the gig is a fundraiser for our local female BMX champion, currently ranked 4th. She’s trying to raise funds for a ticket to the states where she can compete for the number one position. So being the nice guys we are of ‘course we said yes when she asked if we’d play - and obviously the chance to play alongside Dan Patlansky was also a big incentive, the dude just rocks and is a really nice guy too.

The Saturday itself is actually a friend of mines birthday and she designed this really cool invite to all her friends to join her there - so cool that I asked her if I could post it here and extend the invite to all of you out there, it’ll be awesome. If you happen to bump in to Van, buy her a drink.

Tonight though we head up to Newcastle in our new mission to spread our music to all the places that will host us, so we’re looking forward to it a long drive though.
See you all out there somewhere soon.


Friday, May 04, 2007

Listen to the Demo Tracks!

Okay we got a copy of our demo last night and we’re pretty pleased with it considering the amoun t of time we made it in, we needed a copy asap so time was resricted, I’ve posted them on our myspace so go have a listen to "Step by Step" and "Noel", and give us some feedback, we’d appreciate it.
You can either use the link to the left "Zephyr songs" or click on the title of this entry and it should take you right there.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Little Steps

Above are a couple of options my friend "noodle" came up with, simple but cool!
Above is another option I've tried with warmer colours, different logo.
Jeremy and I added the vocal tracks to the two tracks that will be going on our demo, it's strange recording is a completely different process to playing live. We play well live because we feel the song through each other, have got so used to playing in practice with that person when they're going to change the beat or chord or whatever.
But try and keep time with a prerecorded version of that same person and it's a whole different story.
And so it was that on thursday evening we decided to record ourselves all playing live and get the best takes we could out of that for the demo, there were quite a few takes I can tell you, and quite a few blunders and laughter, but we got them done in the end.
Then on Sunday Jeremy and I went back and put the vocal tracks over, Barry was having issues with his Computer he wanted it to work and it was doing anything but, eventually we got our chance and got the vocals down chop chop, if only playing were as easy as the singing part.
Anyway the picture is an Idea I came up with for the cover, though I haven't settled on it yet, I've asked a couple of My friends (whjo happen to be designers) to give it a crack if they'd like to, so I'll see what they come up with.
Peace all