Thursday, April 16, 2009

Splashy Fen

So Band of Brothers had it’s first gig at Splashy fen (Click here for Photo's) and it went down really well, we had a few problems with the onstage sound – unable to hear our vocals and guitars that well, but the sound in front of the stage was good and the crowd we’re really great.
The nice thing about Splashy and similar music festivals is being able to meet and chat to other muso’s some who we’ve met before and others we haven’t, maybe even get together and have a Jam around the fire.

Scott, Jeremy and I were also joined by Chris Wyatt on the day - for a last minute addition it worked really well, we’d only had one practice with Scott and that morning did a run through of the songs with Chris but we managed to pull it off. We really enjoyed playing the two new songs “We Dance” and “Trailblazer Jack” and the crowd loved them too. So if you were there at Splashy sitting in the crowd, thanks for the support it was awesome and we’re looking forward to getting stuck into some new gigs soon.

Peace and Love