Thursday, December 14, 2006

Just the DVD

So we listened to our recording last night and though not absolutly horrible, we weren't happy with it and decided we'd rather wait until we get a decent version down before we let it loose out there. Quality is important, especially if your name's attatched to it. It wasn't all bad though - the DVD came out pretty well, and the quality of sound was not bad considering it was just coming through the DVD's mike - there is however a slight delay between the sound and the visuals, which if you're in the right mood can be quite amusing.

Our General sound on stage comes through though, which is good - I think at the moment I'd have to say we're a better live Band than a recorded band, somkething you can only work on and Improve, the more you do something the better you get at it, the good thing is now we have the time to work on our recording, which is exactly what we'll do. And here is where you'll find out first when it's available.
The new web design I'm working on should hopefully be up and running early next year, once I've gathered all the content and put the finishing touches to the Design - you'll be able to hear all the news, check out picks from our latest gigs and stuff, and hopefully once I've figured out how to do it download songs (which will also depend on when we get some tracks down.
Peace out

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Rough Cut

So last night Myself and Jeremy finished off the Vocals and Guitar and Bass to the three songs we we're recording for a demo. Though we've decided to call it rough cut, because of the time contraints we had, which prevented us from getting down exactly what we wanted. But it's done and wer'e happy it is, we can get it out to varoius festival organizers etc. and perhaps a few dedicated fans. We will be working on a more finished version shortly, something more complete, something we can take our time with.
For now though I need to get a copy of this one (once Steve has finished mixing it) down to Pedro in Durban so we can see if we can get into Splashy.
All right all, keep well

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Dan the Man

This Saturday we'll be playing alonside Mr Dan Patlansky at the Red Door - which we're seroiusly chuffed about, Dan has played around the world including The New Orleans Jazz festival, he's a virtouso on the Guitar and really awsome to watch and hear. So the fact that we'll be setting the stage for him is a seroius bonus, if you've been to any of the last5 few Southern Crosses you would have been gifted to see him in action and know it'll be worht your while to do so again, with the added bonus of seeing us ;-) if you have never seen him before, now's the time.
Oh yeah the gig at the last Musicians club was awsome, great crowd and great musicians, if any of you were there, thanks for the support and compliments - it's a real boost.
oh and may you have a blessed Christamas and New Year.


Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Demo Recording

Last Night Colin, Jeremy and Myself headed to Hilton College’s Music Department to Start recording our demo. Colin was tired from work, I was tired from the flu and Jeremy was tired well, because he student on Holiday and decided to stay up to late the night before.
As alwaysthough playing seemed to lift all our spirits and energy levels, it was either that or the half dozen fizzy cooldrinks we drank in the time we were there. Whatever it was when we all left at 10:30 that evening we were definitely feeling alot better, though it wasn’t quite enough to completely cure me of the flu.
It was great however to be starting to make steps in the direction we’ve been threatening to over the past year, even though it’s just going to be a Demo it’s a step in the right direction.
Steven (the Guy doing the recording) has been really helpful and accomodating, and is great to work with, last night we put down the rough cut’s to three of our songs - “Watching Satelitte”, “Judas Kiss” and “2 second silences”. We’ll be going back at different times this week to play over each track individually to get the sound we want.
I have to say recording is fun, there’s an atmosphere about being in or around the studio, listening to each track and laughing at slip ups and each other.
So even though I’m bound to have a tiring week heading to the Studio after work it’ll be a fairly entertaining one.
Steven’ sgoing to be at the Musicians Club at the Red Door tonight to - make a DVD of us playing so if you’re coming wear your best smiles.
He also mentioned a short film he’s making and wanted to use one or two of our songs on it wich of ‘course we said definitely. Anyway back to work - keep well all

Monday, December 04, 2006

Last PMB Musicians club for the year

This Tuesday is the last Musicans club Gathering for the year, and yup we'll be one of the bands in the Line up, along with "The Hairy Legged lentle eaters" With a cuple of guests. We'll be Starting at 7:30pm. The Venue is "The Red Door" on Quary Road, just off Victoria.
It'll definitely be an entertaining evening,and it's your last chance for 2006 so get there if you can.