Thursday, March 27, 2008

Our Splashy Gig

Nerves rung high backstage as Colin Jeremy and myself sat in our own private partition, tuning our instruments, running through harmonies and chord sequences and then making sure our instruments were in tune again. We tried forcing back the nerves by drinking numerous cups of coffee and tea that were supplied, only to find this made us need the portaloo outback more.

This was a gig, we’d done it before, what was with all the Nerves – Well to be fair we’d been out of gigging for a few months, but the probable answer was “this is Splashy Fen, Even the Big Name Bands have been telling me how nervous they were” as Sue the backstage manager put it. I’m sure the more renowned older hands delt with their nerves better than we were, but I bet they had them none the less.

The time came, the band before us played the last chord of their last song, and suddenly we were asking each other “do we go on now?”. We entered onto the stage, bearing our instruments and studiously avoiding looking at the Crowd, instead focusing on setting up. We ran through our sound checks, in what felt like a bit of a blur. Then before you knew it we were into the first song and the crowd cheering signaled its end. The Nerves barely left me as I played but I was held solid by the crowd’s applause and the Smiling encouragement from faces of friends and loved ones.

We were fortunate enough to have Kech Sanchez accompanying us on two of our songs “Watching Satellite” and “Maybe Angels” – he’s an accomplished musician, and Good friend and he definitely brings something to our songs, filling them out with his Haunting Pipes.

Jeremy and Colin were as Solid as ever on Bass and Drums respectively, though Jeremy said to me after he was Just as nervous as I. Colin seemed to be having an awesome time and rocked the whole way through - all in all it was a great gig, but passed by rather fast, if you were there, thanks for the support – the Audience was great.

God bless all

P.S see below for a video clip of us on stage, and below that Colin Interviewing me the morning before we played

Clip Of Ladybug at Splashy Fen

Colin Interviews Liam Before Splashy Gig

Monday, March 17, 2008

Anticipating Splashy Fen

Anticipation… right now it’s like sitting in a playhouse or large musical production, and you can hear the Orchestra warming up, all the stringed instruments warming up along with the wind section getting the reeds wet, with the occasional cough from the audience and you know at any second now it’s going to start.

03 Days Until Splashy fen 2008 gets underway – and the excitement is mounting, almost everyone I’ve spoken to is going, and yes it’s going to be great. Aside from really looking forward to playing there, I really can’t wait to pull up a splash of grass, get comfortable, and enjoy some quality SA music. Being a musician you get exposed to a load of local talent, either playing along side them or supporting your fellow musicians. The talent in South Africa is amazing, and the sounds so fresh, and it feels like an age since I’ve been able to sit back and enjoy the plethora of sounds I’ll be able to enjoy this weekend – I’ve been checking out the splashy Program and following links to the band/ musicians respective sights, and listening to some of their tracks and it’s really been getting me in the mood for sitting in front of the stage in three days time… as for being on the stage a couple days after… well I know the crowd and the beautiful scenery will have the band ready to share their musical souls.