Monday, November 27, 2006

What Kind of a rocker...

You Are an Emo Rocker!

Expressive and deep, lyrics are really your thing.
That doesn't mean you don't rock out...
You just rock out with meaning.
For you, rock is more about connecting than grandstanding.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Writing a song

Sometimes it’s something you work at, you have an Idea in your head, a theme, a tune - something specific. Those are normally the hardest or should I say most frustrating and time consuming, because it feels like it takes you forever to get to the point you want to be at. Other times it just happens in that moment when your sitting there at your piano, or in my case with your guitar in hand with a handy piece of paper and pencil; nearby (I really need to get a Dictaphone or something).
That’s what happened last weekend - there are very few songs I’ve written in half an hour, but this was one of them (Maybe Angels - written further down the page was another)-I wish I could explain the feeling that comes with writing one of these songs. It’s almost like a channeling that something more than you has decided to use you as the conduit for this melody and if you don’t grasp it in that moment it’ll be gone forever.
I promise you this happens too, I’ve had it before when I’ve had the song in my head and had to go and do something else and have not been able to grasp it again. The words flow, like wine amongst friends -you don’t have to work too hard to find the ones that express what you’re trying to say. Then suddenly it’s over and you have in your hand scribbled on a bit of paper, and you’re left sitting there wondering what just happened to you. That’s when you need to commit it to memory, because if you leave it to long the melody will leave you, you’ll have the words and the chords scratched down, but unless you can write music (which I can’t) the fundamental melody that binds it all together will leave you.
After all of this if you’re playing it with a band, it’s going to change and shift around those who play it as all songs do, but essentially it’s there.
I Cant’ post the words yet as I haven’t committed them to memory, but if you’re at our next gig, listen out for it, it’s called “Stand Up” (for now at least).
Keep well all
Love and peace

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Helping Out

I don't know where she got our number from, but a couple of days ago I got a call from a Lady at the Hospice organization in 'Maritzberg asking if we'd be able to play at a general funraising day they're having there on the 25th, which is next Saturday. For those of you who don't know, hospice is an organization that goes around giving care and companionship to poeple with terminal illnesses, like Cancer.
The reason I know this is, I've had more than enough contact with them In the past two years, and they are good people that dedicate thier time to others. Firstly my Gran was diagnosed with and eventually died of cancer - and then not even a month Later my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, though she pulled through, tough Lady that she is, but my point is (and there is one I promise) is that they first visited my Gran when she was Ill, and then my mom. Alot of the time the biggest function they provide in those situations, is just someone to talk to about it, it's amazing how many people can't or wont.
I know I've gone on about it, but we'll definitely be playing there, so if you're in 'Maritzberg, or you fancy getting out for the day, come along. The Day starts in the morning and we'll be playing at 10-11am, but it'll be whole day affair. So come and Support Hospice, It's at 200 "Zwartcop Drive", which is what "Meyers Walk" becomes.
We hope to see you there.

Love and Peace

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Long time no Blog

Alright I know it's been an age, I've been really busy at work these last couple weeks so... that's my reason and that's what I'm sticking to. We haven't confirmed any gigs for the festive season yet, but I will keep you posted. The last couple practices have been really fun and sounding great as we've been trying out some new things, So don't be surprized if you hear some new songs comeing out of this corner.