Thursday, October 01, 2009

B.O.B. says Bye! (for now)

Once again its been a while since we last updated. Band of Brothers (unofficially abbreviated to BOB) have been going strong and rocking crowds at various places and venues. The Maritzburg Music Club gig was a huge success and the boys rocked "around the clock" til voices were hoarse on stage and hands were aching from the clapping along in the crowd. They even got a standing ovation at the end of the performance, a rare occurence for the usually mellow-maritzburgers.
Band of Brothers then graced Lunar Lounge with a show at the Shamwari stage in Drummond. A few broken strings, some frozen fingers and a broken drum skin later, it all turned out well (with the help of a few glasses of red wine afterwards!) The most recent performance was at Forest Gate in Howick and once again there were broken strings but all in all we pulled it off and the venue was well-suited to the vibey sounds of the band.
Unfortunately White Mountain didnt happen for us this year but hopefully we'll back there soon.

The next gig will be on the 17th Oct, at Cliffy's in Lincoln Meade, PMB. The band will be reverting to Zephyr for this gig and probably sticking with that again more from now. Band of Brothers will not fall away completely but be kept on as a side-project. There is also a fundraiser on the 31st of Oct where Band of brothers have a slot at the Forgotten Falls in Howick so come along and support a good cause (the money rasied will go to Darren Bode's medical expenses as he had a car accident earlier this year).

Keep up the support as the end of the year draws near and "see you there".


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