Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Band of Brothers Project

Myself and my Brother Jeremy have always wanted to get together and play with another talented brother combination, who also happen to be good friends Jason and Scott Hartman – is it a coincidence that they play Guitar and Drums and we play guitar and Bass respectively, that already in that you have your Basic Band Makeup – maybe but I like to think it’s a good omen.

Like us their common genes and similarity of voice produce awesome Harmonies, heck you could take away the instruments and have an awesome male acapela group.

Truth be told we have Jammed with them before, and I (in the days before my brother picked up a bass and realized his musical ability) played a few gigs with them, at one time also as an early version of Zephyr.

Why am I calling it a project and not a band… well “Band of Brothers” is a band, though it’s a side project from each of our respective bands. (the Hartman brothers play and have played under different band names, very often with their Father, Sam. Band names they’ve played in or under are, Samson, Justus, One River and Redeye to name a few)

Of course we’d love the project to grow into a full time Band if it were well received and supported, but that’s something we’ll have to gauge down the line, from all parties concerned. Personally I would also love to do some song writing and hopefully produce a CD as band of brothers, but again as a unit we haven’t all sat down to talk about the possibilities.

For now though Band of brothers is going to be doing a first performance at this years Splashy Fen… well in a sense, because Jason due to his own talent won’t be able to join us. The good man has gone and got himself into the top ten of Idols, while we are super stoked for him, means the full band of brothers will have to wait for another opportunity to get to play alongside one another.

The three of us however are just as exicted to get up and rock Splashy Fen, which we will, so get your camping gear out, because Band of Brothers is heading to Splashy Fen!
Peace and Love

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